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How To Plan The Perfect Disney Hen Party

How To Plan The Perfect Disney Hen Party

Your guide to a magical Disney hen party with food, game, decoration ideas and more.

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A bride and five bridesmaids standing in front of the Disneyworld castle at the theme park

Once upon a time, there was a blushing bride who wanted a Disney themed hen party to make her wedding prep dreams come true. So we conjured up some magical tips, tricks and ideas to help you plan the most perfect Disney hen party for the bride-to-be and her ladies.

This is one of our most popular hen party themes for good reason! There are so many ways you can tie Disney into your hen weekend, so we’ve laid it all out in this complete guide.

1. Plan Some Disney Decorations

If you are hosting your Disney hen party at home, in self-catering accommodation or somewhere where you can put up some decorations, then there are some really cute and unique decor ideas that will help set the mood for your theme.

DIY Snow White Mirror

If you have a bathroom mirror you can set up at home or in your hen do accommodation as a fun makeup station, then this Disney Snow White decoration idea will be the talk of the hen party. You’ll need to:

  1. Buy an A3 or A2 size piece of sturdy paper or cardboard.
  2. Draw or trace the oval shape of a mirror, adding any magical touches you’d like to make it look like the Evil Queen’€™s magic mirror.
  3. Cut out the outside and inside of the mirror to create the shape with the hole in the middle where the mirror should be.
  4. Decorate the mirror by colouring it in, adding glitter, fake jewels or any other decorations you’d like.
  5. On the day of the hen party, stick the cardboard frame to the mirror in your bathroom. Use a whiteboard marker or even lipstick to write a Snow White-themed message next to the mirror. Something like ‘Mirror, Mirror, on the wall’.

Now, whenever one of the girls in your hen party needs to freshen up or put their costume/outfit makeup on, they’ll be able to speak the magic words and have a bit of a Disney-themed giggle.

DIY Disney Hanging Garlands

Creating your own Disney-themed garland decorations is a great budget option for your hen party. All you need to do is:

  1. Buy paper or cardboard in the colour(s) you’d like.
  2. Draw or trace the shape you’d like on the paper and cut it out. We love the simple Mickey Mouse head shape, a Disney Princess or even the Disney Castle.
  3. Place the first shape on the paper and trace as many copies of it as you need.
  4. Cut out the remaining shapes.
  5. Cut lengths of string or ribbon as needed.
  6. Sticky tape the cut-out shapes on the string and hang where you like!

Disney Themed Bedding

Buying Disney bedding isn’t exactly a decoration but it really will help bring your theme to life if your hen party group are sleeping over somewhere. It’s a particularly fun idea if you’re planning to have a Disney movie night.

You could keep it simple and cheaper by only buying a duvet set for the bride but it would look gorgeous if everyone could sleep in a Disney bed for your hen weekend!

2. Play Some Disney Hen Party Games

We love a good hen party game and your Disney theme opens up a whole new world of themed games to treat the girls. We’ve created some unique Disney hen do games that you can print and play for free!

Match The Disney Love Songs

We’ve put together a FREE printable game card for you to play this fun Disney hen party game. Ask your girls to bring their best singing voices with them this hen weekend because they’re going to have to know their Auroras from their Elsas or Snow Whites with this one.

Go to our blog to see how to play the game, what you’ll need and to download the free printable game cards in different designs.

Match The Disney Quote & Character

There are some golden oldies and some more obscure quotes in this Disney hen party game. Let the girls know they might need to have a bit of a Disney marathon before the hen weekend to do their homework. Simply match up the quote with the Disney character – may the best princess win!

Go to our blog to see how to play the game, what you’ll need and to download the free printable game cards in different designs.

Pin The Kiss On The Frog

This hen party game is a fun bridal twist on the traditional pin the tail on the donkey. But this time, you’ll be pinning little red lip kisses onto a printout of the frog version of Prince Naveen from The Princess And The Frog.

All you’ll need is:

  1. A printout of the frog prince (try for A3 or bigger).
  2. Small paper or cardboard lip cutouts to pin on the frog.
  3. A blindfold for each girl to use to see who can get closer to the frog’s lips.

We’re afraid he won’t truly turn into a Disney prince for the winner to run away with but it’s a good bit of old-fashioned fun and makes for a fun love-themed Disney hen do game.

Disney Lip Sync Battle

A Lip Sync Battle is already a very popular hen party activity you can book with us here at The Foxy Hen. But if you’d like to keep it a little less formal and try it at home or in your accommodation, then this hen do game is perfect for your group.

All you’ll need to do is:

  1. Get each of the girls to choose a Disney song from a list you’ve prepared, at least a week or two before the hen party (check out our Disney hen party playlists in section 6).
  2. Make sure you’ve got a fake microphone of some sort and some good speakers to play the songs.
  3. Give each girl a small set of blank paper and a pen, so they can score each girl out of 10.
  4. Each girl should get up individually and lip-sync their Disney song (dance routines and costumes are optional but very much encouraged).
  5. Score each performance out of 10 and the girl with the highest points at the end wins!

If there is a tie for first place, choose a final Disney song they have to lip sync together on the spot to decide the winner.

If you haven’t already seen Melissa McCarthy’s Disney Lip Sync Battle effort, then do yourself a favour and check it out now (skip to 5:50 minutes into the video).

3. Be Our Guest & Make Some Disney Themed Food

A mickey mouse shaped disney pancake on a plate for a hen party breakfast
Image credit: Andrijana Bozic, by Unsplash

Making (or buying) some Disney-themed food for your hen party is our favourite way to celebrate this theme. The cakes! The desserts! And even some savoury Disney treats.

We’ve collected our favourite Disney recipes for you to browse, so find one or two options that match the Disney look and feel you’re going for and treat your hen do ladies to some enchanting food.

Disney Cake And Dessert Recipes

Disney Savoury Food Recipes

4. Create Some Magical Disney Cocktails Or Mocktail

Disney-themed cocktails and mocktails are a fun and tasty way to celebrate your Disney hen party. You can get really creative with ideas like matching the colours to particular characters or making shots for each Disney villain. It’s easy to include anyone who doesn’t drink, as there are plenty of tasty non-alcoholic drinks you can make that still go with the Disney theme.

To help get your Disney drink juices flowing, we’ve collected our favourite Disney cocktail and mocktail recipes for you to try.

Hakuna Matata Cocktail


  • Peach Vodka
  • Amaretto
  • Orange or Pineapple Juice
  • Mango Juice
  • Garnish with a slice of pineapple or grapefruit

Glass Slipper Cocktail


  • Cracked Ice Cubes
  • Gin
  • Blue Curacao Syrup


  • Blueberry Vodka
  • Whipped cream (Stirred Through)

Ariel’s Song Cocktail


  • Blue Curacao
  • Malibu
  • Spiced Rum

Poison Apple Cocktail


  • Jagermeister
  • Apple Vodka
  • Apple Pucker
  • Cranberry Juice

Frozen Heart Non-Alcoholic Mocktail


  • Frozen Tropical Juice (Crushed)
  • Frozen Coconut Water (Crushed)
  • Passionfruit Juice
  • Orange Juice
  • Guava Juice (Optional)
Image credit: Sara Cervera, by Unsplash

5. Decide On Your Disney Costumes Or Outfits

Disney Costumes

The sky’s the limit when it comes to choosing the perfect Disney hen party costume. But if you’re stuck for some ideas, we’ve seen some of our gorgeous hen dos dress up as:

  • Disney Princesses and let the bride choose her favourite
  • Minnie Mouse with black, gold or glittery mouse ear headbands for everyone
  • Snow White (bride) And The 7 (or 20?) Dwarves (decide who is Sleepy or Grumpy etc)
  • Disney Villains
  • Disney Fairy Godmothers
  • Tinkerbell (bride) and the Lost Boys
  • Cinderella (bride) and the (many) Ugly Stepsisters

More Disney-Themed Outfits And Accessories

There is no end of Disney memorabilia and merchandise that you can buy for some budget Disney hen party outfits and additions. You can usually find some cute options in Primark/Penneys, Etsy or other online retailers.

Keep an eye out for:

  • Disney tshirts
  • Disney pyjamas (PJs)
  • Disney badges or pins
  • Disney headbands
  • Disney jewellery (earrings, pendants etc)
  • Disney hen party sashes

6. Dance And Singalong To A Disney Playlist

Disney Love Songs

We’ve created a Spotify playlist with our favourite Disney Love Songs, to help inspire the bride-to-be and her hen party ladies on the road to her big day. This playlist can simply be your background music on your hen night or you can use the songs to play hen party games and have a singalong. It’s up to you!

Check out our blog post for a list of the Disney Love Songs included in the playlist or go straight to Spotify to save the playlist for your hen party.

Top Disney Hit Songs

To help make your Disney hen party planning easier, we’€™ve put together a Spotify playlist of the top Disney songs from all the classic films. If you’re planning a Disney Lip Sync Battle, are planning other Disney hen party games or just looking for some themed background music for the hen weekend, then this is for you!

Check out our blog post for a list of the Classic Disney Songs included in the playlist or go straight to Spotify to save the playlist for your hen do.

7. Give The Girls A Disney Hen Party Favour

Giving each girl in your group a hen party favour can be a really special way to help them remember this amazing hen weekend to celebrate the bride and her big day. We’ve listed some DIY favours that can help keep your hen party budget low and also some small hen do favours you could buy for the girls.

DIY Disney Hen Party Favours

Disney Hen Do Favours You Can Buy

Disney Themed Gifts For The Bride

8. Have A Disney Movie Night

If the bride-to-be loves a particular Disney princess or movie, then a Disney movie night might be the perfect way to complete your hen night at home or in your accommodation. With your Disney decorations, food and perhaps even bedding, you can bring the Disney theme to life for a whole night. And, better yet, the head hen will be able to spend some quality time with the closest women in her life and indulge in her passion for Disney at the same time.

Some popular film choices for your Disney movie night could be:

  • Cinderella
  • Snow White And The Seven Dwarves
  • Sleeping Beauty
  • Pocahontas
  • Aladdin
  • Mulan
  • The Little Mermaid
  • Enchanted
  • Tangled
  • The Princess And The Frog
A bowl of popcorn on a pink background
Image credit: Yulia Klehbnikova, by Unsplash


We hope we’ve given you lots of ideas for your Disney hen party to help make it the most magical experience for the bride. Whether you’re hosting a single hen night or planning a whole hen weekend, there are plenty of ideas here to bring your Disney theme to life.

If you have any other ideas for Disney-themed fun, then let us know! Or if you’ve made some of the Disney ideas in this guide, then share them with us on social media! Send us your photos on Facebook or Instagram by tagging @thefoxyhen or using #thefoxyhen.

For advice about planning your hen party or to discuss which hen destination might suit your group best, reach out to chat to a member of The Foxy Hen team.

Need help with your Hen Party?

If you’re in hen research mode, check out all of our hen party destinations and hen party ideas.

For help booking your hen weekend or to discuss your ideas, chat with us live during office hours, submit a quick enquiry or contact us for any other queries.


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