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Blog > 52 Unique And Fun Hen Party Favours

52 Unique And Fun Hen Party Favours

Here are eight fun hen party favours favours to give you some hen ideas to kick off your celebrations in style and give the group everything they’ll need for the event.

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Hen Party Favours Bags


If you’re planning a pre-wedding bash for the bride squad, up the fun factor by picking out some classy hen party favours for the girls. Instead of going for the usual ‘L’ plates, tutus, and angel wings, switch things up with some sophisticated keepsakes for your BFFs. After all, having a little souvenir might give them something to remember the hen night they can’t quite recall.

Here are 52 truly fabulous ideas to give you some inspiration for hen party favours to kick off the celebrations in style.

Our Fave Ideas For Hen Party Favours

1. Flavoured Lip Balm

Any seasoned hen party goer knows that good lips are a must. You can’t be wandering around city streets, all flaky, bringing shame on your mates on a big night out. Plus, you really don’t want cracked lips stinging from the alcohol in your G&T, do you? Pre-empt any lip-related drama with a gorgeous hen do favour of a ‘lil tub of flavoured lip balm. Not only will this give the hens glossy, kissable lips, but it’s also teeny enough to fit in even the smallest clutch or goody bag. It’s also a cheap hen party favour, which is pretty handy because you’ve got a wedding to save for.

2. Bubbles For Gin

Even if your gal pals prefer a pint of Guinness to a G&T, keep it upmarket with classy hen party favours like blueberry and lemon gin bubbles. Pop a few of these magic balls in your pre-hen drinks to liven up the old bottle of Gordon’s that’s been lurking in your drinks cabinet since last Christmas. If you like living life on the edge, we’re pretty sure you could also throw them in vodka. They’re probably not that suitable for Guinness, but who are we to dictate?

3. Personalised Cocktail Stirrers

Remember those old-fashioned red plastic drink stirrers with the big disc at the end? Well, don’t get them because they’re ugly and you’ll be met with a wall of silence and lots of side-eye. Instead, grab your girls some personalised hen party favours with some pretty, brightly coloured personalised cocktail stirrers. Each features the hen’s name in large lettering, so it’s easy to tell them apart. Never again will you mix up your drinks and end up with a mouthful of Karen’s Malibu and lemonade instead of your vodka and tonic. You’re welcome.

4. Personalised Pocket Mirrors

Picture the scene: you constantly have to get on and off your bar stool all night to accompany a mate who wants to go to the toilet. You know she can’t go on her own because, well…she’s female, but you also know she doesn’t need to pee. All she wants is to make sure the winged eyeliner she spent hours perfecting is still lookin’ good. Stop all that by snapping up a bunch of cute little vintage pocket mirrors as a pretty hen party favour. Any time there’s a panda-eye or lipstick-on-the-teeth emergency, it’ll be sorted without the need for a group toilet visit. Think of how fizzy your prosecco will stay when you don’t have to leave it every 15 minutes.

5. Hen Party Hair Ties

History is littered with stories of brave women who have, selflessly, spent time in a bathroom, holding back someone’s hair while they’re being sick. If you haven’t done this, you’re not a true friend or you’ve not been having enough fun. One of our favourite hen do favour ideas are unique, sparkly or themed hair ties. Now, you can relax on the edge of the bath while your mate’s heaving. Hell, with your free hands, you can even have another drink while you wait. At the very least, you should use the time productively and take a few Snapchats to send to her mum. Let’s not pretend you haven’t thought about it.

6. DIY Hen Party Favours

If you’re the creative type, Pinterest is literally full of hen party favour ideas. A gift bag containing a miniature bottle of fizz with a pretty label and a personalised message would be a perfect girly gift. Our message would say ‘Don’t drink this on the train home’ or something like that. Clearly, we’d still drink it on the train home, but that’s just how we roll. If you’re feeling particularly extra, a voucher for a kebab wouldn’t go amiss either, to be honest. Just a little suggestion to keep in mind when doing your hen do research.

7. ‘Watch Me Grow’ Sunflower Seed Packets

What could be a better keepsake of your pre-wedding hen festivities than a gift that grows? A sweet sunflower gift bag is a unique personalised hen party favour for your favourite ladies. Obviously, don’t just give them out willy-nilly. Start a social media-based challenge to ensure weekly photos of the sunflowers to see who can grow the tallest one. You gotta keep them on their toes. If anyone complains they’re rubbish with plants, gently remind them they spent the hen do keeping actual humans alive. Sunflowers will be a breeze.

8. Gel Eye Masks

There’s nothing worse than waking up the morning after a hen do feeling like you’ve been hit by a bus. Or two buses, depending on how many wines you had. This is why every girl needs a gel eye mask to speed up her recovery. Lord knows even the healing power of a bacon roll and a morning prosecco can’t handle that job alone. Will your hungover hen be incredibly thankful for your thoughtful gift come Sunday morning? No, because she feels like hell and it’s all your fault. Will she be far more grateful after the hen weekend on Monday when her headache and puffy eyes have gone? Almost certainly.

9. Personalised Sashes

Swap out the tacky sashes for something a bit more personalised. Get each hen’s name or a cheeky nickname printed on a sash in elegant fonts and colours that match your theme. It’s a fun way to make everyone feel special and adds a touch of class to the outfit.

10. Custom Temporary Tattoos

Custom temporary tattoos are a fun and quirky addition to any hen party. You can get the bride’s face, funny quotes, or inside jokes printed on them. They’re easy to apply and remove, so no one’s commitment-phobic about showing their hen do pride.

Hen party favours like perfume
Photo by Mareefe on Pexels

11. Mini Perfume Bottles

For a touch of luxury, gift your hens mini bottles of perfume. Choose a scent that you know they’ll love or go for a variety of fragrances so they can find a new favourite. It’s a classy and practical favour that they can use long after the party’s over.

12. Personalised Wine Glasses

Ensure that everyone knows whose drink is whose with personalised wine glasses. You can have each hen’s name etched into the glass, making for a sophisticated and useful keepsake. Plus, it’s a great excuse to crack open another bottle of vino.

13. Spa Kits

Pamper your hens with mini spa kits. Include items like bath bombs, face masks, and scented candles. It’s a perfect way for them to unwind after a night of partying, and it shows you care about their well-being too.

14. Customised Tote Bags

Give your girls a stylish way to carry all their hen party goodies with customised tote bags. You can have them printed with fun designs or each hen’s name. They’re eco-friendly and practical, perfect for shopping or as a beach bag.

15. Hen Party Survival Kits

Create hen party survival kits filled with essentials like painkillers, breath mints, hair ties, and a small bottle of water. Throw in some plasters and a mini deodorant, and you’ve got a thoughtful and practical gift that will be much appreciated.

Check out our hen party survival kit list for all the top ideas to include in your hen party favours!

16. Personalised Keyrings

Personalised keyrings are a cute and compact hen party favour. You can get them made with each hen’s initials or a small charm that represents something about them. It’s a small token that they can carry around every day.

17. Hen Party Shirts

Matching hen party shirts are always a hit. Get them printed with fun slogans or personalised with each hen’s name. They make for great photos and are a fun way to show off your squad.

18. Mini Bottles of Prosecco

Celebrate in style with mini bottles of prosecco for each hen. Add a personalised label with the bride’s name and the date of the hen do. It’s a classy and bubbly way to keep the party spirit alive.

19. Personalised Compact Power Banks

For the tech-savvy hens, personalised compact power banks are a brilliant idea. Get each one engraved with the hen’s name or a fun hen party slogan. These portable chargers ensure that everyone’s phones stay powered up for taking countless photos and videos throughout the night. It’s a practical and thoughtful favour that they’ll find incredibly useful both during the hen do and in their everyday lives.

20. Customised Shot Glasses

For a bit of fun, give your hens personalised shot glasses. You can get them printed with cheeky quotes or each hen’s name. These hen party favours are perfect for toasting the bride and make for a fun memento of the night.

21. Hen Party Badges

Hen party badges are a playful addition to the festivities. You can get them made with fun titles like ‘Bridesmaid’, ‘Maid of Honour’, or even ‘Chief Prosecco Pourer’. They’re a light-hearted way to add some fun to the evening.

22. Personalised Candles

For a touch of elegance, gift your hens personalised candles. Choose a lovely scent and have each candle printed with the hen’s name or a special message. It’s a beautiful and lasting keepsake.

23. Sunglasses

If you’re having a summer hen do, personalised sunglasses are a must. They’re practical, fun, and make for great photos. Plus, they’ll come in handy for hiding tired eyes the morning after.

24. Customised Phone Cases

Give your girls something they’ll use every day

with personalised phone cases. You can get them printed with fun designs, each hen’s name, or even a group photo. It’s a unique and practical favour.

25. Personalised Coasters

Personalised coasters are a sophisticated hen party favour. You can have them printed with each hen’s name, a fun quote, or even a photo. They’re perfect for remembering the fun of the hen do every time they have a drink.

26. Hen Party Flip Flops

For those hen dos that involve a lot of dancing, personalised flip flops are a lifesaver. Get them printed with fun designs or each hen’s name. They’re perfect for slipping on when the heels become too much.

27. Customised Water Bottles

Keep your hens hydrated with personalised water bottles. You can get them printed with each hen’s name or a fun design. They’re practical and eco-friendly, making them a great choice.

28. Personalised Notebooks

For a thoughtful touch, give your hens personalised notebooks. They’re perfect for jotting down memories of the hen do or for everyday use. Choose a stylish design and add each hen’s name for a personal touch.

29. Hen Party Polaroids

Capture the fun of the hen do with a Polaroid camera and give each hen a personalised Polaroid picture. We love hen party favours that give your group a meaningful keepsake that they can look back on and remember the fun times.

30. Personalised Luggage Tags

For those hens who love to travel, personalised luggage tags are a great gift. Get each hen’s name or initials printed on a stylish tag. They’re practical and add a touch of class to their luggage.

31. Personalised Pyjamas

For a cosy touch, give your hens personalised pyjamas. Choose a soft, comfy material and get each hen’s name embroidered on the top. They’re perfect for a relaxing night in or for lounging the morning after.

32. Customised Make-up Bags

Every girl needs a good make-up bag, so why not make it a personalised one? Get each hen’s name or a fun design printed on the bag. It’s a practical and stylish favour that they’ll use every day.

33. Hen Party Socks

For a bit of fun, give your hens personalised socks. You can get them printed with each hen’s name or a funny quote. They’re perfect for keeping cosy and make for great photos.

34. Personalised Bottle Openers

For the practical hen, personalised bottle openers are a great gift. Get them printed with each hen’s name or a fun design. They’re handy to have and make a fun keepsake.

35. Personalised Hand Sanitiser

In today’s world, a bit of hand sanitiser goes a long way. Give your hens personalised hand sanitiser bottles with cute labels featuring their names or a cheeky message. It’s a practical and thoughtful gift, perfect for keeping everyone safe and stylish throughout the night.

36. Hen Party Bracelets

Add a touch of sparkle with personalised hen party bracelets. Choose delicate designs with charms that represent each hen’s personality or role in the bridal party. They’re a lovely keepsake that your friends can wear long after the hen do is over, reminding them of the fun times shared.

37. Custom Face Masks

For a unique and timely hen party favour, consider custom face masks. Have them printed with fun designs, each hen’s name, or a memorable quote from the bride. Not only are they practical, but they also add a touch of personality to any outfit and make for great group photos.

Hen party favours like eyeshadow
Photo by DS stories on Pexels

38. Classy Eyeshadow Palettes

Add a splash of colour to your hen party favours with personalised eyeshadow palettes. Choose a mix of versatile and fun shades that tie into your hen party theme, are the bride’s favourite colours or are just super classy!

39. Personalised Chocolate Bars

Sweeten the deal with personalised chocolate bars. Choose the bride’s favourite flavour and wrap them in custom labels featuring the bride’s name, wedding date, or a fun hen party slogan. It’s a delicious and delightful favour that your guests will love to indulge in.

40. Hen Party Slippers

For ultimate comfort, gift your hens personalised slippers. Perfect for lounging around after a night of dancing or for relaxing at home, these cosy slippers can be embroidered with each hen’s name or a fun design. They’re practical and luxurious hen party favours that add a special touch to the hen do.

41. Custom Hen Party Cookies

Sweeten the party with personalised cookies. Get them decorated with each hen’s name, the bride’s name, or cute hen party motifs. They’re a delicious and delightful favour that everyone will enjoy.

42. Personalised Hen Party Bathrobes

For a luxurious touch, gift your hens personalised bathrobes. Choose soft, plush robes and have each one embroidered with the hen’s name or initials. These bathrobes are perfect for a relaxing morning after the hen do or for getting ready on the wedding day itself. They add a touch of elegance and comfort, making your friends feel pampered and special.

43. Hen Party Scratch Cards

Add a bit of excitement with personalised hen party scratch cards. Each card can reveal a fun dare, a drink, or a sweet message. They’re a fun and interactive favour that keeps the party spirit high.

44. Personalised Recipe Cards

For the foodie hens, personalised recipe cards are a delightful and unique favour. Print each card with a favourite recipe from the bride or a collection of fun cocktail recipes for the hens to try out. Include a personal message or a cute design that ties in with the hen party theme. These recipe cards are a charming keepsake that your friends can use to recreate delicious dishes or drinks, reminding them of the special hen do every time they cook or mix a cocktail.

45. Hen Party Fans

For a summer hen do, personalised fans are a must. Keep your hens cool with stylish fans featuring each hen’s name or a fun design. They’re perfect for hot days and add a touch of elegance to the party.

46. Custom Wine Charms

Avoid drink mix-ups with personalised wine charms. Get each hen’s name or a fun symbol on these adorable charms. These hen party favours are a stylish and practical way to keep track of everyone’s glass and make for a cute keepsake.

47. Personalised Passport Holders

For the jet-setting hens, personalised passport holders are a fabulous idea. Get them embossed with each hen’s name or initials, and maybe even a fun travel quote. They’re practical for the honeymoon and beyond, ensuring your girls travel in style.

48. Personalised Shot Bottles

Small personalised shot bottles are a fun and spirited favour. Fill them with your favourite liquor and add a custom label with each hen’s name or a fun message. They’re perfect for a toast or a cheeky shot during the festivities.

49. Customised Mini Hand Creams

Keep your hens’ hands soft and pampered with personalised mini hand creams. Choose a luxurious scent and have each tube labelled with the hen’s name or a special message. These handy little hen party favours are perfect for carrying in a handbag, ensuring that your friends can keep their hands moisturised and fragrant all day and night. It’s a practical yet indulgent gift that they’ll appreciate long after the hen do is over.

50. Custom Hen Party Phone Grips

Personalised phone grips are a trendy and useful favour. Customise them with fun designs, the bride’s name, or the wedding date. They make taking selfies easier and are a great way to remember the fun of the hen do every time they use their phone.

51. Personalised Hen Party Tea Towels

For a unique and practical gift, personalised tea towels are a fantastic idea. Print them with a fun design, a quote, or each hen’s name. They’re a quirky keepsake that’s sure to bring a smile every time it’s used.

52. Personalised Lipstick

For a touch of glamour, gift your hens personalised lipsticks. Choose a classic shade that complements all skin tones and have each hen’s name or a special message engraved on the tube. They’re a chic and practical idea for hen party favours and they’ll be able to use to touch up their look throughout the night and beyond. Plus, it adds a bit of luxury to their makeup routine, reminding them of the fabulous hen do every time they use it.


We hope we’ve given you a fabulous range of ideas for hen party favours that the special ladies in your life will love. Whatever you decide to buy, your besties will appreciate the gesture. Have a great hen night out, stay safe, and enjoy your hen do favours to keep those memories going!

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If you have any ideas for hen party favours or if you’d like to chatting about planning a hen do, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you!

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