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8 Unique And Fun Hen Party Favours

8 Unique And Fun Hen Party Favours

Here are eight fun favours to give you some hen party ideas to kick off the celebrations in style.

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If you’€™re planning a pre-wedding get together for the bride squad, bump up the fun factor by picking out some classy, hen party favours for the girls. Instead of stumping up for the usual raft of ‘€˜L’€™ plates, tutus and angel wings, switch things up with some classy hen do keepsakes for your BFFs. After all, having a souvenir by their side when they wake might give them something to remember the hen night they can’€™t quite remember.

Here are eight fun favours to give you some hen party ideas to kick off the celebrations in style.

1. Flavoured Lip Balm

Any serious hen party goer knows that good lips are a must. You can’€™t be wandering around city streets, all flaky, bringing shame on your mates on a big night out. Also, you really don’€™t want cracked lips stinging from the alcohol in your G&T, do you? Pre-empt any lip-related drama with a gorgeous hen do favour idea of a ‘€˜lil tub of flavoured lip balm.

Not only will this give the hens glossy, kissable lips, but it’s also teeny enough to fit in even the smallest clutch bag or hen party goody bag. It’s also a cheap hen party favour, which is pretty handy because you’ve got a wedding to save for.

2. Bubbles For Gin

Even if you have gal pals who prefer a pint of Guinness to a G&T, keep it upmarket with classy hen party favours like blueberry and lemon gin bubbles. Pop a few of these magic balls in your pre-hen drinks to liven up the old bottle of Gordon’€™s that’€™s been lurking in your drinks cabinet since last Christmas.

If you like living life on the edge, we’€™re pretty sure you could also throw them in vodka. They’€™re probably not that suitable for Guinness, but who are we to dictate?

3. Personalised Cocktail Stirrers

Remember those old-fashioned red plastic drink stirrers with the big disc at the end? Well, don’€™t get them because they’€™re ugly and you’€™ll be met with a wall of silence and lots of side-eye. Instead, grab your girls some personalised hen party favours with some pretty, brightly coloured personalised cocktail stirrers. Each features the hen’€™s name in large lettering, so it’€™s easy to tell them apart.

Never again will you mix up your drinks and end up with a mouthful of Karen’€™s Malibu and lemonade instead of your vodka and tonic. You’€™re welcome.

4. Personalised Pocket Mirrors

Picture the scene: you constantly have to get on and off your bar stool all night to accompany a mate who wants to go the toilet. You know she can’€™t go on her own because, well…she’€™s female, but you also know she doesn’€™t need to pee. All she wants is to make sure the winged eyeliner she spent hours perfecting is still lookin’€™ good.

Stop all that by snapping up a bunch of cute little vintage pocket mirros as a pretty hen party favour. Any time there’€™s a panda-eye or lipstick-on-the-teeth emergency, it’€™ll be sorted without the need for a group toilet visit. Think of how fizzy your prosecco will stay when you don’€™t have to leave it every 15 minutes.

5. Hen Party Hair Ties

History is littered with stories of brave women who have, selflessly, spent time in a bathroom, holding back someone’€™s hair while they’€™re being sick. If you haven’€™t done this, you’€™re not a true friend or you’ve not been having enough fun. One of our favourite hen do favour ideas are unique, sparkly or themed hair ties.

Now, you can now relax on the edge of the bath while your mate’s heaving. Hell, with your free hands, you can even have another drink while you wait. At the very least, you should use the time productively and take a few Snapchats to send to her Mum. Let’s not pretend you haven’t thought about it.

6. DIY Hen Party Favours

If you’€™re the creative type, Pinterest is literally full of hen party favour ideas. A gift bag containing a miniature bottle of fizz with a pretty label and a personalised message would be a perfect girly gift. Our message would say ‘€˜Don’€™t drink this on the train home’€™ or something like that. Clearly, we’€™d still drink it on the train home, but that’€™s just how we roll.

If you’€™re feeling particularly extra, a voucher for a kebab wouldn’€™t go amiss, either, to be honest. Just a little suggestion to keep in mind when doing your hen do research.

7. ‘Watch Me Grow’ Sunflower Seed Packets

What could be a better keepsake of your pre-wedding hen festivities than a gift that grows? A sweet sunflower gift bag is a unique personalised hen party favour for your favourite ladies.

Obviously, don’€™t just give them out willy-nilly. Start a social media-based challenge to ensure weekly photos of the sunflowers to see who can grow the tallest one. You gotta to keep them on their toes. If anyone complains they’re rubbish with plants, gently remind them they spent the hen do keeping actual humans alive. Sunflowers will be a breeze.

8. Gel Eye Masks

There’€™s nothing worse than waking up the morning after a hen do feeling like you’€™ve been hit by a bus. Or two buses, depending on how many wines you had. This is why every girl needs a gel eye mask to speed up her recovery. Lord knows even the healing power of a bacon roll and a morning prosecco can’t handle that job alone.

Will your hungover hen be incredibly thankful for your thoughtful gift come Sunday morning? No, because she feels like hell and it’s all your fault. Will she be far more grateful after the hen weekend on Monday when her headache and puffy eyes have gone? Almost certainly.

We hope we’€™ve given you a good range of ideas for hen party favours that the special ladies in your life will love. Whatever you decide to buy, your besties will appreciate the gesture. Have a great hen night out, stay safe and enjoy your hen do favours to keep those memories going!

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If you have any ideas for hen party favours or if you’d like to chatting about planning a hen do, please get in touch! We’d love to hear from you x

Image credit: drobotdean, by Freepik

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