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8 Thoughtful Maid Of Honour Gift Ideas

8 Thoughtful Maid Of Honour Gift Ideas

We’ve put together the top Maid Of Honour gift ideas for that special lady who will help make your big day special, memorable and survivable. With beautiful and personalised ideas, you’ll find something she’ll love.

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A bride making a spa box as a maid of honour gift


Your Maid Of Honour should be one of the most important women in your life. So, after you ask her to share your wedding journey, make sure to get her a special Maid Of Honour gift that shows her your love and appreciation.

Giving your bridal party gifts is now a well-established tradition. But, we think the Maid Of Honour gift is the most important. After all, she is going to be your main support in the lead up to the most magical day of your life.

Researching the perfect Maid Of Honour gift can be a bit of a headache when you see all the options out there. To help you skip the hard work, we’ve put together this list of our favourite gift ideas.

Whether you mix and match to create a bundle gift or just choose one, these lovely heartfelt gift ideas are perfect for your Maid Of Honour (MOH).

Maid Of Honour gift ideas

1. Framed photo or artwork

One of our favourite Maid Of Honour gift ideas is a framed photo of the two of you, a personalised artwork featuring the two of you, or (if you’re feeling extra creative) a framed poem you’ve written about/for her.

Etsy is full of framed mementoes like this for a Maid Of Honour gift, with good reason. To really thank your MOH, you need to give her a gift that showcases your relationship and what better way than a framed treasure she can keep to remember?

2. Personalised alcohol bottle

Whether it’s wine, champagne, gin or everything in between, a personalised bottle of the Maid Of Honour’s favourite alcohol is sure to hit the spot. It’s also a nice idea as she’ll be able to drink it in future during a special moment in her own life.

No matter her poison, when alcohol comes into the mix, she’ll have a hard time turning you down if being gifted with her guilty pleasure! This Maid Of Honour gift idea has been incredibly popular lately, and it’€™s a great way to show you care while still getting your party on! Cheers to that!

3. Jewellery

The beauty of jewellery as a Maid Of Honour gift idea is that there are so many different ways to choose something that is truly special for her.

You could even get a personalised piece of jewellery that would ensure she never forgets the moment you asked her that special question.

4. Candle

Beautifully scented occasion candles have become a real gift trend. I mean, what’€™s not to like – they completely elevate whatever space you’€™re in! Finding a really elegant and classy candle with a scent that your Maid Of Honour will love is a sure way to show her how well you know her.

You can even take an extra step and get a personalized label! Or, if you’€™re feeling adventurous, you could even try to make your own candle.

However you decide to go about doing it, a heartfelt and personal candle is definitely something she’€™ll love.

5. Delicious treat

Is your Maid Of Honour a bit of a foodie?

If she’€™s a sweet tooth gal, find some of the best local desserts. If she’€™s more into savoury, then maybe she’€™d love a nice assortment of cheeses or local wines.

No matter her preference, food is a great way to ensure that the most important woman in your wedding journey feels pampered and loved. If it’s beautifully displayed and includes a personal letter or note to her to accompany the gift, we’re sure she’ll fall in love with this Maid Of Honour gift idea.

Bonus points: A food gift is also a great choice for a Maid Of Honour who is a bit of a minimalist. If you don’t want to add another ‘object’ to her life, then something she can eat and share with others is a lovely gesture.

6. Bridal party merchandise

There are tons of Etsy shops and boutique artists on the internet that specialise in producing items for the bridal party, including the Maid Of Honour. These are always such a cute way to celebrate the most important women in a bride’€™s life.

Mega bonus points if you DIY and create the merch yourself! 

The options for this are endless – sweatshirts, make up bags, tote bags, eye masks, shirts, pyjamas etc. Get your maid of honour ready for your big day by dressing her in your merch! If you want to add some extra fun to the equation, try purchasing for the entire bridal shower! This way everyone can be decked out in their very own selection of clothes and accessories.

This is a particularly good Maid Of Honour gift idea if you’re planning to give the gift as soon as she accepts the position. That way, she can use it to help you plan, take it on the hen party and use it on the wedding day.

7. Spa basket

Help reduce your Maid Of Honour’s stress levels for the big day with a pampering spa gift basket! You can include bath salts, face masks, hand cream, nail polish and scented face spray.

What better way to prime your Maid Of Honour than with a relaxation kit?! Every girl loves being spoiled and able to indulge in some peace and relaxation.

You could even book massages together or plan to have a spa day together! She’€™ll not only love the gift, but the one-on-one time she’€™ll get to spend with you!

8. A memorable experience voucher

If you want to give a Maid Of Honour gift that is truly memorable but you don’t want to hamper her with more ‘things’ in her life, then an experiential gift is a perfect choice!

For an adrenaline girl, you could consider skydiving, bungee jumping or a hot air balloon ride. For a foodie, it could be a cooking class or voucher for a fancy restaurant. And for someone a bit more laid back, it could be a pampering spa session at a glitzy hotel or even tickets to the theatre!

Make sure the experience you choose really suits who she is something she’s likely to love! And tell her to remember to take lots of photos (if it’s safe…).

Maid Of Honour gift FAQs

How much should I spend on the gift?

The general rule is the Maid Of Honour gift should cost about 10-20% of what the Maid Of Honour herself is spending on your wedding (on the dress, hen party etc).

However, we’re sure any gift will be well received and the cost of it shouldn’t be the most important factor. As long as it reflects who she is or your relationship with her, we’re sure she’ll love it.

When do I give the gift?

Usually, this is done on the wedding day, in the morning before the ceremony starts. Make sure to choose a time where you can get a private moment with your Maid Of Honour, so it feels special and heartfelt.

Alternative times to give your Maid Of Honour gift are when she first accepts your invitation or a few days before the wedding. This is particularly appropriate if you want to give her a gift that relates to her role as MOH ‘€“ e.g. contributing to the cost of her dress, MOH merchandise or jewellery she might wear at the wedding.


We get that it can be really overwhelming trying to find the perfect gift for your favourite girl to thank her for being an incredible Maid Of Honour. That’€™s why we want to help alleviate the stress in any and every way possible! Our list contains some of our favourite Maid Of Honour gift ideas but the options are truly endless. 

No matter which gift you choose, we’d just recommend that it showcases her personality and lets her know how much you value her. After all, she will be the glue that holds you together in the lead up to your wedding day!

So, which Maid Of Honour gift sounds right to you?

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