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Wild & Naughty Hen Party Destinations

Go wild with our best naughty, cheeky and dirty hen party activities in Ireland, the UK & Europe.

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Which naughty option suits you best?

If your group are looking to tease (slash spoil) the bride-to-be with some naughty hen party activities, then you’ll want to check out the local butlers, strippers and wild nightlife options in these unique destinations.

Why plan a naughty Hen Party?

It’s the last fling before the ring! Your duty in planning the bride’s hen do is to make sure that fling is as wild as possible. That way, when she looks back to life before the wedding, she can say she really did let loose and enjoy herself before settling down. So, a naughty hen party is our recommendation!

Choosing the right destination for your wild hen do plans will depend on what kinds of activities you’re thinking of. For example, Amsterdam offers a male cabaret strip show and plenty of clubs to dance in afterwards. Or Marbella is famous for naked butler breakfasts and sexy beach clubs and party cruises.

If you do decide to stay closer to home, you’ll find stripper options in most of our destinations. That way, you can add a naughty experience for the bride that can take place in private, wherever you’re staying.

A naughty hen party also means you can have some real fun with your hen themes and game ideas. Some famously cheeky ideas include sculpt a penis (all you need is some modelling clay), a Mr & Mrs quiz with naughty questions, decorations with ‘Same Penis Forever’, willy straws and plenty more.

If you’d like to chat to a member of The Foxy Hen team to find the perfect naughty hen party ideas, destinations, activities and style for your group, then feel free to chat with us online or contact us.


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